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Home Rituals Palo Santo & White Sage bundle


~ Home Rituals ~

Includes: one White Sage Smudge Stick, two Palo Santo Sticks and a hand crafted ceramic smudge dish 

Valued at $80

Create simple home rituals that re-energise your space and welcome peace, clarity and wellbeing. Our considered Home Rituals bundles include a hand crafted ceramic smudging dish designed to cradle your smudge stick and Palo Santo.

This bundle is the perfect way to introduce at-home rituals that restore calm and balance. Our Smudge Sticks are wrapped by hand from ethically harvested white sage and all of our Palo Santo products are sustainably sourced from Peru, shaped from the heartwood of naturally fallen trees and harvested in accordance with guidelines regulating the collection of Palo Santo.

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