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Etikette x MONA


Sex & Death Candles

MONA's Sex and Death candles were conceived during the early days of the 2020 pandemic. A collaboration of minds and senses, these candles have been designed to set you alight. 
Made for MONA by Etikette Candles.
Available exclusively at the MONA Shop 


It was not easy to capture the scent of sex in a candle. But we did. Now you can enliven your living spaces with the musky aroma of sweat, leather and regret (David's request). We've embellished the scent with love oils, vanilla and rosewood, to take the edge off the stank. Light one up, invite the neighbours over, it's a sex candle. 



Is this a candle that smells like death, or a candle that will kill you? A bit of both. Light the wick and be overwhelmed by an intricate blend of amber woods and white musk, hinting at an oak moss shallow grave, loosely disguised by beds of violet and black pepper. Enjoy it, it's the last thing you'll ever smell. 


 image credit: Mona /Jesse Hunniford