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Home Rituals ~ Cleansing Guide


~ Home Rituals Cleansing Guide ~

White Sage Sticks

Restore calm and balance to your space with our white sage sticks. This simple home ritual welcomes peace and clarity by clearing your home, objects or workplace from negativity. Bundled by hand from ethically harvested white sage.


Prioritise space and time to undertake this ritual. Light a candle and set an intention for the clearing. Light the white sage stick and let it smoke. Gently move the smoke through your space by walking slowly through each room and drifting smoke around your spaces, paying particular attention to corners.


Safety + Safe Practice

  • Keep all home rituals away from children, pets & flammable materials.
  • Be aware of your surroundings while practicing home rituals. 
  • While cleansing, be cautious of loose embers and ash.
  • Always have a dish of water close by in case of emergency.
  • At the end of your practice, safely extinguish the cleansing stick. Please  note, it is best to extinguish your white sage stick in a dish of sand until all heat has dissipated.