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Etikette x Real Fun Wow


✱ Etikette Candles x REAL FUN WOW 

Way back in early 2018 we fell in love with Daren Magee, the extraordinary artist, muralist and designer from Ojai California, recognised by many from his Instagram pseudonym, Real Fun, Wow!


Inspired by his calming works of art and intelligent observations of the human experience, we connected over the magic that art and fragrance share - their ability to transport you to a place or a feeling in an instant.


We couldn’t let go of the idea that fragrance and art belonged together. We dreamt a big dream and approached Daren with a concept to create a beautiful union of art and fragrance.


A collaboration was born.


The importance of home rituals as simple acts of self-care laid the foundations for this new collection, which has been a year in the making. Hand drawn in California and hand poured in the Adelaide Hills, we’ve created five fine art objects for your home, filled with tranquil fragrances with an emphasis on grounding notes like Palo Santo, Oolong Tea and Australian Sandalwood to encourage calm and connection.


Our hope is that this collection supports you to prioritise your own peace, easing you into moments of calm and joy, bringing you home to your senses.


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